Frenchy and friends is a German based company launched by two great friends and dog lovers. We both love to accessorize our dogs with fun harnesses, collars and leashes. However, living in Europe, it is very difficult to find unique products that can be delivered quickly and at a lower cost. You have the same issue ?

Frenchy and Friends is your solution ! We offer a selection of well designed, printed, reversible harnesses, collars, and leashes for your French bulldogs and their small breed friends. (Boston Terrier, Pugs…)
Our products are not just accessories, it’s about character, beauty and bringing colours to everyday black and white.

We invite you to be part of our F and F community.
Frenchy and Friends wants to help you show off your frenchy in style, and bring their personalities to life!


              Simone Kiesner                                                                            Agathe Seuru

“My true passion is to be a stay at home dog mom”
People say you should do what you love, I came up with the idea to start a company that supported my passion for french bulldogs as well as provided a much needed service to european dog lovers like myself.
“Creativity has no frontiers”
Wether its your house, your car, your clothes or your dog, every person, place and thing has a story to tell. You and I both know that our dogs are as unique and corky as we are, it’s time to let them shine !